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6 Tips to Choose Access Tower Hire in Buckinghamshire

Access Tower Hire

Access tower is an important piece of equipment used at a construction site or used while carrying out maintenance work. Fixed, mobile, rolling, multidirectional, and reinforced, all-terrain or specific, the scaffolding or access tower is designed for work sites at height. Its use allows you to work efficiently and safely, provided you have an adapted, standardized model and follow a few rules. Also, you need to use the right kind of equipment. So, you need to go for an Access Tower Hire in Buckinghamshire.

There are several types of scaffolding depending on the material, each with particular characteristics and functionalities. Therefore, it is important to understand that each project is different and that when choosing the work tools during access tower hire Buckinghamshire, you must choose those to fit the conditions and needs of the work.

Step 1: Wide or Narrow:

First, determine if your scaffold should be wide (1.35 m) or narrow (0.75 m). A platform can be placed on a narrow scaffold. On a wide scaffold, 2 platforms can be placed, next to each other. Go for an access tower hire Buckinghamshire accordingly.

Step 2: Scaffolding Type:

Now choose the type of scaffolding that best suits your job. There are three types of scaffolding: the mobile tower with a ladder, the mobile tower and the folding tower. The ladder is useful when you often go up and down a scaffold. A mobile tower is easy to move and the folding tower is foldable and therefore compact and quick to assemble and transport. So, opting for the right kind of access tower hire Buckinghamshire is important to achieve work efficiency.

Step 3: Platform Length:

Now that the scaffolding is beginning to take shape, it is important to determine the length of the platforms. For RS TOWER 5 it can be 1.85m, 2.45m or 3.05. For RS TOWER 4, the choice is 1.85 or 2.45 m. Be specific while you go for access tower hire Buckinghamshire and finish your job efficiently.

Step 4: Platform Material:

The material of the platform is also important, so make sure to get the right one during access tower hire Buckinghamshire. The choice of the platform consists of a wooden platform or a fibber-deck. The wooden platform is cheaper than fibber-deck, but fibber-deck is again 30% less heavy than a wooden platform.

Step 5: Work Height:

Working height is also an important choice to make during access tower hire Buckinghamshire. At what level do you carry out the work? You can do better in meters. Calculate the working height of the scaffold according to the height of the platform plus 2 meters.

Step 6: Safe-Quick:

Finally choose the desired mounting method, safe-quick or traditional during access tower hire Buckinghamshire. In the traditional method that uses braces throughout the mobile tower, this is the most economical option. Safe-quick is faster and safer than the traditional way of mounting, it is always protected everywhere. The safe-quick has fewer parts than traditional braces and can also be mounted faster.


There is no doubt that raising a scaffold to change a light bulb in the kitchen is excessive and trying to reach the top of the roof with a two-step ladder is too ambitious. Contact Eros Tools Hire now and get the right access tower hire Buckinghamshire.

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