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Diamond Drilling and Cutting

Diamond drilling is a process used to drill a hole straight into the earth's surface for various purposes like extracting minerals and other valuable core samples. It’s a much more clean, precise and efficient processwhich makes it far more cost effective than any other drilling process.

How Does It Work?

Diamond drilling and cutting is a process of core drilling which uses a rotatory drill with a diamond drill attached in order to createaccurately measured holes. Diamond, the hardest naturally occurring material is ideal for creating pits and openings in glass, concrete, metal and more.A diamond drill is an instrument which is capable of creating error-free holes measuring between 8mm to 1500mm of diameter.This machine can be operated in both horizontal as well as vertical direction.

Advantages of Diamond Drilling

A diamond drill is a precision instrument which can make accurate holes in any targeted surface without affecting its structural integrity.The machine is portable and can be taken anywhere with ease. It causes very less noise and apparently a dust free process as diamond drill runs water through the driving shaft. Yet very little dust is producedmaking the operation less messy and free of disruption.

Diamond drilling has various uses other than core extraction, it can also be used to create tunnels for plumbing,large openings for ducts, small holes for pipes & wiring and more such applications. The machine is also quite beneficial for archaeologists for digging underground to look for the century-oldartefacts without damaging the priceless relics. Diamond drilling can be carried out underwater as well.

A diamond drill can easily penetrate concrete or natural stones like marble and granite but the process is not suitable for all kinds of drilling.

Facts to Remember

Although diamond drilling is a very advantageous process on its own but in some situation, it can overheat the surfaces it is being used on,especially while working indesert-like weather conditions. So, the machines must be kept lubricated with water to avoid such overheating and any kind of damages due to that.

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