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List of Tools Under Floor Sanders Hire in Buckinghamshire

Whether home or commercial space, the floor needs to be given special attention as it is very crucial in imparting elegance to space. A floor can be expressive of the owner’s sense of aesthetics. The aesthetics are much more expressed on a wooden floor. It can be made of timber or particleboard. The floor sanding removes the top surface of the wooden floor by sanding so that the floor gets the desired looks. For floor sanding machines are a must. However, the belt sanders are preferred most for the preferred sand paper belt design. It does 90% of the job. For the remaining 10%, an edge sanding machine is needed. For the final finish, a disc sander is necessary. However, these machines are very expansive. Buying them for occasional use will not be cost-effective at all.

So, the best way to get them is to hire them from a tool hiring agency. For the most satisfactory experience, go for floor sanders hire in Buckinghamshire. This is a cost-effective way of getting the right tool for floor sanding. You need to pay a reasonable rent and use them to serve your purpose. Eros Tools Hire offers you the best category of floor sanders hire in Buckinghamshire.

Here are few Floor Sanders which you can hire for your next project

Floor Edger Sander 180mm:

This is a power sander. This is used for sanding around the edges of a room. It is also used in the areas where the drum cannot be used.

Random Orbital Sander:

This is a handheld power tool for sanding where the sanding is done by the random orbit action of the sanding disc. The effect is achieved by simultaneous spinning the sanding disk and moving it in little ellipses. This is a must in preparing a surface before painting it. It is used for ultra-smooth sanding. It is also used to restore the glow.

Floor Sander 200mm:

This is a drum sander, a powerful tool where the sheets can be replaced. It gives a smooth and dazzling feeling. Preparations must be done before application.

Triangular Sander:

The drum sander may do the whole job. It certainly does 90% of the job. However, for the remaining 10%, a triangular sander must be used. It is used for sanding the corner. So, it is a finishing tool.

Belt Sander 100mm:

This strip sander is used for shaping and achieving the right kind of finishing in wooden flooring. The sandpaper is applied by an electric motor. They can also be used to remove the old paint and getting the floor prepared for new paint.

Re-Finish Sander

This one is ideal for veneer floors and can be used easily by anyone to get the right kind of finish.

Orbital Sander

Orbital sanderis a very useful tool when you need sanding for paintwork and achieve fine finishing of wood.

Palm Sander

This is a lightweight and one-handed tool, used for sanding wood and paintwork.

Floorboard Cramps

Floor Board Cramps are very useful to keep the sanding tool in its position and get the work done efficiently.


If you want to opt for the best category of floor sanders hire in Buckinghamshire, get in touch with Eros Tools Hire and enjoy the efficiency the high-end tools offer.

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