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Contemplating Ladder Hire? Here Is A Quick Guide on Ladder Types

While aluminium ladders come across to be a simple instrument, an incorrect alternative can compromise your safety. When getting any type of instrument, considering its quality is way important. Apart from quality, it is crucial to note the work type as well so that you can opt for the relevant ladder hire as per your need. Here we will list 3 ladder types mostly considered by individuals. And also, we will list the ladders that we offer as a tool hire company. 

Step Ladder

The step ladder is commonly used and makes for the best option among all kinds of ladder hire. Contrary to other ladder types, such a variety of ladders are self-supportable, meaning you do not require any wall support to lean it. Thus, this feature allows you to use it in the centre of space and at any location wherever there is no access to support for the extension ladders. Also, remember step ladders are of 2 types - front step ladder and twin step ladder. 

The front step ladder is based on one facet while the other facet is designed especially for only support. Note, the opposite facet is not apt for the mounting purpose. The other kind of twin step ladder is farther famed than the front step. This has rungs on either portion;thus, you can climb up from any of the facets. 

Multipurpose Ladder

A multipurpose ladder as suggested by its name is a kind of ladder that can complete 2 or more tasks at once. Most peopleopt for this kind of ladder hire as it has the potential to alter into various positions to cater to a range of activities within the space or house. Such multipurpose ladders can open into a step ladder position to rise and are completely self-supportable. They can be opened in an extended position if you have to reach any higher locations. However, you require to have little support to lean the ladder like the traditional one. Its potential to form a scaffolding for platforms or planks makes it suitable to use at any position. Moreover, as it can be closed easily, it can be stored anywhere without any issue. Going for such a ladder hire will make your job a lot easier.

Extension Ladder

Extension ladders are straight ladders useful for reaching higher positions. However, this ladder requires support from the wall or others. Generally, extension ladders have 2 components - fly and base. The base requires to be firmly placed on the ground, while the fly is a piece that is movable which extends on the bed top, allowing ladder extension to reach higher positions. 

We at Eros Hire Tools offer you tools at a reasonable cost. The types of tools offered by us involve:  

Ladder double 3M - 5.1M

Ladder double 4.2M - 7.45M

Ladder triple

Expandable roof ladder 3.94M - 6.64M

Roof ladder 4.88M

Ladder stay

Get in touch with Eros tools Hire today and rent the most suitable ladder for your job at affordable pricing. 

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