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6 Cleaning Tools That Can Make Your Job Easier Than You Imagined!

Cleaning is a tedious task and even the thought of it makes you tired! But on the contrary, we all want to give our family a clean and healthy environment and so cleaning and mopping become inevitable. Household cleaning or commercial cleaning takes up our major chunk of time and money yet sometimes satisfactory results are not obtained. But worry not friends! We hereby present you with 6 amazingly beneficial cleaning tools that can make your work easy, quick, and satisfying!

1.       Swivel Mop

A Mop or an O-Cedar bucket is extensively used to deep clean the floors and the stains with the help of microfiber fleece and a long ladle for convenience. The twisting and rotation render a mild scrubbing effect that cleanses the floor of any dirt or stains making this an effective cleaning tool.

2.       Vacuum Cleaners

With the technology taking over almost all the fields, let a robot do all your cleaning job! A vacuum cleaner comes with a Wi-Fi connectivity robot that can help you dictate over the cleaning spree with the help of your voice command. An indispensable cleaning tool, you will find the use of a vacuum cleaner in almost all the homes.

3.       Dust Cleaning Brush

It is a sort of attachment for your vacuum cleaner that helps you brush and scrub off dust from stubborn corners. The size of this dust cleaning tool can be chosen as per requirement!

4.       Scrubber (Wireless)

When the stains refuse to go you need a scrubber for some hard-core action! A wireless scrubber comes with a battery backup for around 50 minutes of uninterrupted action. You can easily clean your furniture and other delicate portions of the premises with this magical cleaning tool!

5.       Carpet and Curtain Cleaner

A Spin Scrub Cleaning Technology makes a carpet cleaner a true winner. Its 360-degree rotation ensures that no fibre or area of the carpet or curtain is left unattended. A hoover brushing system removes the finest dust particle that has been deposited on the surface. A long 8” hose pipe makes this cleaning tool worthwhile!

6.       Steam Cleaner

This Covid-19 scenario has made sanitization as the ultimate cleaning target. To be doubly sure that your premise is virus-free, you can use the power of hot steam gush to eradicate even the minute chances of contamination. A steam cleaner also comes with a hose pipe with a spray nozzle to clean the targeted areas efficiently!

Where Can You Hire These Cleaning Tools?

If you are considering procuring these cleaning tools for your home or office, you can easily get them on rent. You can avail of a steam cleaner on easy and affordable rent from Eros Tool Hire. We also provide other cleaning tools as well as many other versatile tools and equipment on hire. Our service area includes Aylesbury, High Wycombe and adjoining areas. For more details, you can contact us on our contact details and also visit our website to know more about us!

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